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The 11th Realization of the Christmas Solidarity Supper was very special for everyone. We held this Solidarity Supper, annually, in partnership with the Portuguese Remar Association for all people in need, especially for the homeless, drug addicts, orphans, and for those families with limited resources to carry out all their christmas plans.

Our partnership with the Remar Portuguese Associationis to eradicate poverty by developing many social assistance activities in terms of food, shelter, rehabilitation and homelessness.

This Christmas Supper was held simultaneously in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Setúbal and Coimbra serving approximately 700 meals.

We thank all those who have been part of this Help Project, directly or indirectly, with Supports, Donations and Volunteering, reminding us that we can still do much more! we have a new year ahead to help more people.

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Constant Sharing wishes you a Happy New Year! God bless you!

Solidarity Christmas supper 2018 in Lisbon Christmas supper in Lisbon 

Supper in the City of Lisbon 

This year at the 11th Christmas Dinner in Lisbon, about 450 meals were offered in a tent installed in the Square Martim Moniz.

Christmas supper Partilha Constante Christmas supper Partilha Constante 

Solidarity supper in the city of PORTO

In the city of Porto, in the 7th edition were offered about 180 meals, as well as clothing, warm clothing and footwear, to those in need. Most of the people who passed here were people who were in solitude and economic need.

Christmas supper Setúbal Christmas supper Setúbal

Solidarity Supper in the City of SETÚBAL

In Setúbal, at the 4th Christmas Dinner in this city, 50 meals were offered.

Christmas supper Partilha Constante

Supper in the City of COIMBRA

And in the city of Coimbra, which held the event for the second time, 45 meals were also served.

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SOS Assistance


THE SOS PROYECT aims to assist individuals in extreme conditions, whether it is due to poverty or climatic catastrophes and / or in times of crisis. Our partnership with Remar NGO has been a total and complete development in this social area. Reaching so many people inside and outside Portugal has been a very hard and expensive job. 

This aid has reached thousands of people in countries like Mozambique, after Cyclone Idái, Angola, Swaziland, South Africa, Belize and many other countries that receive aid from Remar NGO from Portugal. 

COVID-19: There is a large number of people to whom we offer Food Aid with soups and daily snacks in this period of Emergency.