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We work in partnership with Remar through a cooperation protocol. Get to know the social work of Remar HERE

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We started the post-quarantine time with a lot of work to do. Many of our PROJECTS have been stopped due to the Pandemic, but we have reinforced the Street Support Project to help the most vulnerable. Thanks to God and everyone who collaborates with us, we are able to help and support thousands of people, weekly, and we still continue to help them with free meals distribution.

In July, we will also restart our Humanitarian Aid Containe project, loading and shipping to its destination, the first container being sent to REMAR CABO VERDE. As usual, these containers are loaded with essential goods to supply our Reception Centers, and so that through the use and resale of some articles, funds can be raised to maintain this Work.

Constant Sharing and REMAR PORTUGAL are responsible for supporting a group of Portuguese-speaking communities in Africa and in some Latin American countries.

You can also collaborate with us in this and other International Humanitarian Aid Projects. Anything you can offer for the benefit of others is always welcome!

covid não pode parar a ajuda humanitária

     covid não pode parar a ajuda humanitária  covid não pode parar a ajuda humanitária

We have been in Portugal for over 8 years, and we want to continue to support the devastated populations of this world, who suffer from poverty and extreme needs.

We need people and / or companies to help us with their contributions to finance the shipping of these containers, so that we can reach more of these needy people who are waiting for us.

Actions are worth more than words!



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SOS Assistance


THE SOS PROYECT aims to assist individuals in extreme conditions, whether it is due to poverty or climatic catastrophes and / or in times of crisis. Our partnership with Remar NGO has been a total and complete development in this social area. Reaching so many people inside and outside Portugal has been a very hard and expensive job. 

This aid has reached thousands of people in countries like Mozambique, after Cyclone Idái, Angola, Swaziland, South Africa, Belize and many other countries that receive aid from Remar NGO from Portugal. 

COVID-19: There is a large number of people to whom we offer Food Aid with soups and daily snacks in this period of Emergency.