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We work in partnership with Remar through a cooperation protocol. Get to know the social work of Remar HERE

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Projeto SOS Proyect

The Street Support Project has been one of the main projects lately. These Social Support Activities need the resources to continue carrying out this social Work. We extend the invitation, to participate in this Project, help the most disadvantaged. Its is a constant sharing support. https://partilhaconstante.org #ngo #partilhaconstante #constantsharing #homeless

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Juntos Somos + Fortes

Somos seres humanos e #Precisamos uns dos outros. Cada #gesto, cada #palavra tem um impacto que nos afeta para bem ou para mal. Não fomos criados para vivermos #sozinhos e isolados. Ninguém de nós consegue viver totalmente sozinho, sem a ajuda de ninguém. Nós precisamos uns dos outros. Precisamos de #amor, de #carinho, de #cuidado, de #auxílio. Enfim, precisamos de #pessoas que se preocupam connosco. https://partilhaconstante.org https://remar.pt #apoiosocial #solidariedade #partilhaconstante #remar #semabrigo #projetosos

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We are inserted in projects of social support at national and international level, committed in the eradication of the poverty. We are an NGDO committed to hosting and meeting the basic needs of those who have nothing, reaching individuals from the most uncharted places in today's society.





Periodical publications of the activities and social actions carried out by the volunteer team through social support projects inside and outside Portugal


Our projects in partnership with other social entities for the eradication of poverty. We are committed to receiving and meeting the basic needs of those who have nothing



“Solidarity is fundamental for the development of a community, but if charity is based on love of neighbor it will be extraordinary  for  the  growth of everyone”
Luiz Otávio Cardoso dos Santos

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Visit our points of drap and sale of used articles in Portugal for the benefit of many people who enjoy the support of this NGO Find other shops here 

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SOS Assistance


THE SOS PROYECT aims to assist individuals in extreme conditions, whether it is due to poverty or climatic catastrophes and / or in times of crisis. Our partnership with Remar NGO has been a total and complete development in this social area. Reaching so many people inside and outside Portugal has been a very hard and expensive job. 

This aid has reached thousands of people in countries like Mozambique, after Cyclone Idái, Angola, Swaziland, South Africa, Belize and many other countries that receive aid from Remar NGO from Portugal. 

COVID-19: There is a large number of people to whom we offer Food Aid with soups and daily snacks in this period of Emergency.